Nancy is a consummate professional who is extremely knowledgeable in her field but even more importantly, she is kind and caring. She has an innate understanding of what's causing my pain and gives all her focus and attention to relieving it. Her words of encouragement and support continue to make a huge difference. I'm genuinely thankful to Nancy and look forward to each visit.

Raina ~ Grafton, MA

Nancy is the best massage therapist in Central MA. I stumbled upon her one day, many years ago, as she was the massage therapist for a salon where I was a regular customer. She was fresh out of school. Nancy provided me with the best deep tissue massage of my life. Over the years I would try other massage therapists to compare but no one can compare with Nancy! I was never happy with all of the other therapists I encountered. Nancy has been blessed with gifted hands and her medical knowledge has helped to alleviate all of my aches and pains. Nancy is also certified in pregnancy massage, which I have experienced first hand. Her knowledge of the pregnant body and pregnancy massage are something every pregnant woman should encounter. I would recommend Nancy to everyone!‎

Heather ~ Shrewsbury, MA

Best Massage Ever - Nancy is so in tune to her client's needs it's like she was inside my own mind. She instinctively knew exactly what was needed and I never said a word. It was truly the best massage I ever had and the experience is unparallelled by any other. I have found my massage therapist for LIFE!‎

Tina ~ Worcester, MA

No need to live with pain - I have had over ten years of experience going to chiropractors and other massage therapists for severe middle back pain. After working years and years with chiropractors and therapists, without any long term results, I gave up thinking I had to live with the pain. One visit with Nancy changed all that. The experience was incredible because she understands immediately where the problem is and how to fix it. Nancy is very professional and clinical in her approach. I immediately felt comfortable having her work on me. No need to live with pain when you have Nancy!‎

George ~ Webster, MA

Nancy is the best massage therapist I have ever had. Not only does she just heal the body but she helps to heal your soul. Nancy can read my body and knows where to concentrate her energy on the most to work through whatever problems I am having.

Jen ~ Webster, MA

I just wanted to let you know that the massage you gave me a couple weeks ago was fantastic.  The issues I've been having with my lower neck and back are almost non-existent now...  I can't believe how much better I feel!  I will definitely be back for another visit at some point and would highly recommend your services to others... Thanks again!

Tim ~ Millbury, MA

I've been to other massage therapists for a deep tissue massage and none of them can come close to Nancy. My back muscles were completely knotted up and she was able to work them all out. I can't wait to go back for another one.

Dieter ~ Shrewsbury, MA

I will always be grateful to Nancy for what she has done to improve my quality of life. Nancy has treated me for approximately 4 1/2 years and I have found her to be a very personable and competent therapist. Her professionalism, knowledge of her field of work, ethics, smoothly run business and all around good natured personality has made for a very agreeable association.  I always look forward to each visit.

Carl ~ Charlton, MA

"GIFTED" HANDS  Nancy is a caring, knowledgeable and gifted    massage therapist.  She has helped me through poor circulation, medical issues and assorted surgeries. She's helped me over 4 years and never fails to address the problems my body is experiencing such as fluid, tension, lower back aches, allergies etc. I'm grateful to have such a concerned therapist who really cares about me!

Jeanne ~ Worcester, MA

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